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A Barf diet

BARF diet stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods. Simply put this diet consists of foods that provide your pet with all the nutrients he or she needs to live a healthy life. This is, more or less, what dogs have been eating for thousands of years.

Processed foods “are not what the dog was biologically programmed to eat during its evolutionary process, a diet closer to that of its wild ancestors is therefore biologically appropriate.”


Biologically appropriate raw food. 100% natural snack!


Nothing is thrown away by the prey
Every part of our snacks is rich in nutrients and therefore functional for the dog’s body.

The dog uses to bury its own preys to preserve them over time
Our products are dehydrated at low temperatures obtaining the same result.

The palatability of the prey in the wild is priceless
Our snacks keep the original smells, balance, texture and nutrients.

Raw food
inalterative nutritive principles

useful for stimulating the dog’s immune system


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      Niki Natural Food is the line that fits at the highest level of Niki Natural proposals.


      If you have chosen a homemade diet for your dog, it is certainly very useful to know the various types of supplements with which you can enrich his daily meals.


      As an owner, you will know very well that a good diet is essential for the health of your four-legged friend. For this reason, it is a good idea to always provide him with quality feed. A pet that eats well is a healthy, strong and happier animal!


      Meat is in first place in our dog’s diet. Meat is a valuable source of protein, minerals, fats, vitamins and water. Everything our dogs need.


      NIKI NATURAL BARF considers the natural predisposition of the animal, because every dog ​​must feel free to act and give vent to their instincts. This line arises from the interest for nature and for everything that can be considered uncontaminated.


      Why not combine one of dogs’ favourite toy with a long-lasting, 100% natural snack? NO SOONER SAID THAN DONE! NIKI NATURAL BARF presents the new ROPE TOYS WITH DEER ANTLERS, made with cotton rope and deer horn, both MADE IN EU.

      A fun but effective way for the well-being of our 4-legged friends. The antlers are ideal for cleaning teeth, providing mineral salts, supplementing calcium and much more. (more…)

      The correct quantity of nutrients, the foods to avoid, what our body finds difficult to assimilate or digest are useful considerations even when you need to choose the best food for your dog. Today we also know that for the health of the dog it is appropriate to integrate the protein diet with minerals, vitamins and fibre.

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